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Dog House Memorial Page

This dog house page is dedicated to those K-9 companions that have passed on. Whether they were loving pets or working dogs, we know when they were with us, their owners and handlers treated these companions with the love and compassion they so richly deserved. During their time with us,these dogs enjoyed the comfort and security in a house built from our K-9 Law Enforcement Dog House Plans.

If you have lost a companion who lived in a dog house that was built with our dog house plans,and wish to have a special memory to share with others,please feel free to send us a picture and we will be happy to post it on this special memorial page.

May They Rest in Peace and Know Their Love and Companionship will Always be Remembered

"Eagle" - 1997-2004 - Ontario

"Bear" - 1987-2001 - Ohio

"Misty" - 1989-2002 - Ohio

"Max" 2004 - Alabama

"Tina" - October 1991 - June 2006 - Ontario

"Art Chestnut" 1992-2003 - Indiana

"Dukie" 1991-2004 - Ontario

"Jessie" - 1989-2004 - Ontario, Canada

"Dingo Chestnut" 1994 - 2006 - Indiana

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